Frankfurt Road Cargo GmbH entered the transport market for the first time in January 2013. This move was preceded by the sale of Fischer Road Cargo GmbH in October 2012 by the Swiss parent company, Fischer Road Cargo AG. The Swiss parent company sold its German subsidiary due to internal restructuring and the associated elimination of its German fleet. The intention was to focus more closely on groupage freight. The Frankfurt office of Fischer Road Cargo AG was then run as a dependent subsidiary of Switzerland.

In order to rule out any similarity in the names, it was agreed as a condition of the negotiations that Fischer Road Cargo GmbH would be renamed.

Today Fischer Road Cargo AG services its groupage freight customers in and from Switzerland as well as to and from Poland.

From the outset, Frankfurt Road Cargo GmbH did not focus on just one core area. With its fleet which has now grown to 8 vehicles, it services not only air freight customers but also other customers in many areas of the transport sector. Whether air freight, land freight or sea freight, wide loads, chilled or refrigerated cargoes, special transport orders, transporting engines, enquiries come in from everywhere to carry out such assignments.

Frankfurt Road Cargo is also committed to the environment. That is why the fleet is renewed every 3-4 years. The fleet currently comprises 6 x EURO 5 and 2 x EURO 5 EW. The first EURO 5 and EURO 6 vehicles are due to be replaced soon. Environmental zones therefore pose no obstacle to the fleet. But transport assignments don't only start and finish in Germany, but also in Europe. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Catania, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Poznań are only a few of the towns serviced by Frankfurt Road Cargo.

Frankfurt Road Cargo is hoping to grow further. But not by using the motto: faster, higher, further, but instead by proceeding prudently. Enquiries are welcome, therefore. Fairness and honesty together with social skills, these are the cornerstones of this company.

"Many talk, only a few act - we act within the framework of our capabilities."


Frankfurt Road Cargo's fleet currently consists of

8 x EURO 6 - tractor units
1 x EURO 5 EVV - tractor units

These tractor units move 4 x refrigerated/box/mega semi-trailers,  2 x box/mega semi-trailers, 3 x curtainside/mega semi-trailers, 1 x curtainside/Aircraft-engine semi-trailer and 1 x freezer semi-trailer (standard)                (as per:  Januar 2017)